Quickshine Silver Clean And Shine Bath


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  • Tarnish simply floats away
  • Safe for all silver and silver-plate
  • Pack of 4 Sachets
  • Cleans silver and silver plate with no polishing

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Quickshine Clean and Shine works, with NO WORK AT ALL!

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Bring Back the Shine. Restore the Sparkle.

Place tarnished silverware and silver plated items into a bowl of boiling water with a Quickshine sachet, the sachet starts fizzing, and a process of electrolysis begins, floating the tarnish away. At the same time, our unique formula removes dirt and grime. Your silver will be bright, shining and clean again within minutes. One sachet goes a long way and should be adequate for cleaning an average household’s entire silver and jewellery collection.

Now you can have polished silver with no work at all.

Perfect for your Silverware and Cutlery

Now you can have beautiful polished silver all the time, not just for holidays and special occasions. Quickshine Silver Clean and Shine Bath does all the work, in minutes.

And you don’t get your hands dirty!

The non-toxic formula is safe for all silver and silver plate as well as gold, white gold and platinum. It is even effective on engraved and filigree pieces.

Independently tested by the Cutlery and Allied Trades Retail Association and found to be safer on Silver Plate than traditional polish.

Safe on Gemstones (Note: Do not immerse pearls, opals, marcasite wood, horn, leather or items with pitch weighted bases or handles).

Three rules to follow to get SPARKLING results

Here are top tips to get SPARKLING results:

1.Always use BOILING water from a tea-kettle (Not just hot water from a faucet.) If the sachet does not start fizzing within a minute, the water is not hot enough.

2) Always ensure there is positive metal-to-metal contact between the silver side of the Sachet, and the items to be cleaned. The product uses electrolysis, so this contact is required

3) Sometimes, long standing tarnish will be dislodged by the process, but may need wiping off with a soft cloth and re-immersing.

Note that sometimes what looks like tarnish is actually worn out silver plate and cannot be restored with any cleaning product.

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